Olivier Martelly: The Voice of a Hidden Land in the Caribbean

Some say that the music a musician plays echoes his or her soul. And, if this is true, Olivier Martelly's soul must be a beautiful, captivating, and upbeat soul.

Olivier Martelly is from the beautiful Caribbean country of Haiti. Martelly was given the opportunity to grow up in a land filled with majestic mountains and a rich history of independence. Some of these facts might have influenced his distinct musical improvisations and overall sound.

He is known to most as BigO, which is his official stage name. Martelly has always been an independent person, ever since he was a young boy. But being independent would prove to be a struggle because of the aspirations of his father. BigO's father is none other than the 56th President of Haiti, and his mother is the radiant Sophia Saint-Remy Martelly who--of course--is the First lady.

Breaking away from his father and trying to do something on his own proved to be a difficult task. This could be the reason that Martelly adopted his stage name of BigO so happily. But, no matter how much he wanted to stay away from his father's name--he was still interested in politics. This was evident in a song that he released, which endorsed Jovenel Moise.

The song was aimed to excite a particular section of the vote as well as a response to Wyclef Jean. Wyclef Jean had just released a song that endorsed Jude Celestin, which was something that BigO could not take laying down. He may be trying to live an independent life from his father, but it appears that politics and debates are simply in Martelly's blood.

Sure, what is making his name in Haiti and all around the world is his poignant and strong lyrics, which are usually based on the life of a Haitian. BigO highlights the truth about his land in different ways. For one, he does talk about the majesty of the land, yet he also explores some of the harsher realities of life in Haiti. It is his dedication to speaking the truth that has connected him so strongly to his listeners.

Olivier Martelly started his own company called Big O Productions, where he tries to discover young Haitian talent. Martelly wants to bring more awareness to Haitian artists as well as Haiti in general. Music definitely means a lot to Martelly because it amplifies his voice and soul.